Sunday, September 12, 2010

Autumn Mornings

The Arcata Post Office, September 12, 2010

I understand that autumn does not begin for another week or so, but it sure is in the air. This is surly a beautiful time of the year here on the north coast. The quality of the lighting is just superb. I went down to Arcata before sunrise today, and experienced the sun's creativity as it painted the town with its best light.

People's Records, Arcata September 12, 2010

I only used the 17mm tilt/shift lens today. I am impressed with the contrast and clarity that this piece of glass transmits. I am starting to get the feel for the movements, and perhaps the eye for the wide field that this lens provides.

So far these images represent the ones I like best from today's shoot. I do wonder what images of mine that others would chose as their picks.

Green Beans, Bicycle, and the Jacoby Storehouse, Arcata, September 12, 2010

I worked at the Redwood Artists Association's gallery Friday as the gallery attendant for the day. While I was there I really looked at the 147 images hanging on the walls, and made my own selections as to the "best of show". In most cases my selections were different than those of the judge. This caused me to wonder "why did I select the piece that I entered?" Is my judgment of my own images somehow askew? Would I be better off collaborating with others in the selection process? Did I pick the cream of the crop for this post?

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  1. Tom,
    Of the four you posted, the P.O. one stands out for me. I like the colors and angles of the building in contrast with the deep blue sky. And your shadow along with that mysterious other shadow. Is it another person? A light pole?

    I totally agree with you about the show and judging. Yeah, it is very subjective, but I was confused as to the decisions. I watched people's reactions while gallery sitting Saturday and there seemed to be a number of people who were also at odds with the "winners". I am sure that is common with juried shows. It is one person's tastes/preferences that are represented. I did my own jurying and only one out of my eight choices received even an honorable mention. And I didn't even include mine or yours! -Marc