Friday, August 6, 2010


Tenzin Angmo

I found out this morning that there was severe flooding in Ladakh. You may know that I visited Ladakh two years ago. I stayed with Thupten Sopa and his family in Cholomsar near Leh, the main city in Ladakh.

Tom and Thupten at Stakna Gompa
View from their roof
Tenzin's School on the Indus River is probably flooded.

I ask for your prayers for the people of Ladakh. They are one of the last strongholds of Tibetan Buddhism, and the town of Cholomsar is a primary refugee area for people from Tibet.

I was unable to contact anyone in Ladakh, and don't know of my friend's situation. I do know that his home does not have a water-proof roof, and is right next to a "dry" wash. When I was there Thupten told me that "it never rains in Ladakh". Well it did while I was there, and it did so yesterday with a vengeance.

I am pledging the proceeds from sales of my series "Ladakh Meditation" toward relief for the Sopa family. Please contact me directly or through Gallery Chartreuse if you feel compelled to own a print. I am open to more creative pricing on these prints.

Please feel free to contact me at You can see examples of the works at or at

Jullay, Tom

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